Why Use Woodville Property?

Three words we live by: integrity; service; results.


We pride ourselves on the values of all our staff. We require our professionals to be self-starters, capable of analysing the environment that their clients operate in and developing customised solutions.

Just like you, they face a dynamic market and commercial sensitivities every day with deadlines and targets to meet. They deliver quality, yes. But above all, they act with integrity.


We think big, but act personal. Everyone knows that when it comes to delivering sales results, personal service wins out. Expert market knowledge and a desire to achieve our client's highest expectations is our only objective.

Inherent in what we do is keeping your intended target audience - the buyer - in total focus. It's the only way to sales success.

If we do that, we deliver what you want. Complete service.


We currently target the inner-urban growth areas of Perth - which are undergoing progressive transformation due to their proximity to entertainment and eateries, water and the city.

Our client base is your client base.

Whether you might require all our expertise or just a sales service, Woodville Property will deliver the Results. We're only a call away for a totally obligation free consultation.